Senin, 22 Juni 2009

Surprise or Disbeliefs

Surprise or disbeliefs is an expression that we show/say when know/hear/see something that rather difficult to believe.

Example :
Dina : " Look ; I got "
Dysa : " That`s very surprising "
Dina : " I don`t know why "
Dysa : " Perhaps you did the wrong number "
When get a surprising fact, you can say those to tell other people :
Do you know what ?
Believe it or not ?
You may not believe it, but ...
Can you believe it ?
Respons :
Really ?
Are you joking ?
Where ? show me
There are some ways to express surprise :
Never !
Oh, no!
No, is, i don`t believe it !
You`re kidding
What a surprise
Good heavens
My goodness

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