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Finite Verbs

A finite verb is a verb that is inflected for person and for tense according to the rules and categories of the languages in which it occurs.
Finite verb can form “ Independent clause “ which can stand by their own as complete sentences , an independent clause as a complete sentence. It contains themain subject and verb of a sentences.

In English , only verbs in certain mood are finite
These include :

1. Indicative mood : expressing a state of affairs.

Dalam indicative mood, finite verb harus menggunakan varb, example :
1. The buldoser demolished the restaurant.
2. Ani is going to visit her mother in hospital.
3. He has waited his father since morning.

2. Imperative mood : Giving a command.

Dalam imperative mood, finite verb tidak memerlukan subjek karena tanpa memakai subjek pun kalimatnya sudah jelas.

Example : 1.Positive command

- Help me, please !

2.Negative verb
- Don’t do that.

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