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Direct speech and Indirect speech

Direct speech : refers to reproducing another persons excact word. We use quotation marks (" ")

Example of Direct Speech :

1. Jani said, “I’m very busy .”

2. They said, “We have bought a picture.”

3. He said, “I am learning my lesson.”

4. Lisa says, “I got the first prize.”

5. You said, “I will come to help him.”

6. Oskar will say, “I will do my best.”

Indirect speech : refers to reproducing the idea of another persons

There are 3 kinds of indirect speech :

1. Imperrative (command/request)

2. interrogative (question)

3. Declarative (statement)

Example :
1. Imperrative (command / request)
Direct : Mrs. Rika said to Dina, "Don't wory about it."
Indirect : Mrs. Rika told Dina not to wory about it.

2. Interrogative (question)
Direct : Risa asked to Nico, "Are you a journalist?"
Indirect : Risa asked if / whether He was journalist.

3. Declarative (statement)
Direct : Mr. Dion said, "I worked hard yesterday."
Indirect : Mr. Dion said that he worked hard the day before.

In comand sentences, direct speech can changed to indirect speech with change "Said" to be "Ordered", "Told", and "Forbade".

Example :
1. Direct : Hamid said, "Open the door!"
Indirect : Hamid ordered to open the door.

2. Direct : Hamid said, "Dul, come here!"
Indirect : Hamid told Dul to come there.

3. Direct : Hamid said to Andi, "Do not disturb me!"
Indirect : Hamid forbade Andi to disturb him.

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